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Because I was told writing is good for (mental) health!


Hosting web services on my Raspberry Pi

·1093 words·6 mins·

Solving the problem of prefixing country codes to contacts

·589 words·3 mins·


Notify Abroad - an app to relay messages from my Indian mobile number

·325 words·2 mins·


Boredom, Books & Bugs - A tale of my COVID-19 experience

·685 words·4 mins·


Building a J2EE app using IntelliJ Idea and deploying on Heroku

·827 words·4 mins·

Experimenting with developing a GTK app from scratch - Badgie

·156 words·1 min·

A suite of apps to improve productivity of my peers - Amrita Repository

·265 words·2 mins·

Bidding farewell to Internshala after 2 years of internship

·194 words·1 min·

Interview experience at a competitive programming platform - CodeChef

·787 words·4 mins·